Valentine’s Day in an DESI household…

Valentine’s Day in an DESI household…

February 14, 2017 /1 Comment Asian Wedding Blog

Valentine’s Day is here again!
It’s a time for candlelit dinners, heart-shaped chocolates and romantic getaways for the adventurous amongst us!


A few weeks ago my friend and I were discussing the topic of love. What should we gift our partners this Valentine’s Day? Our combined effort was abysmal! It did however lead us to discuss how our parents celebrated Valentine’s Day…

Making our Dad feel really awkward on Valentine’s Day was always fun. My father is a typical Punjabi business man – very loud and straight talking! Our parents would rarely show any affection in front of the children. As with most Asian households our parents sat on separate sofas with limited hand holding.

When it came to Valentine’s Day my father had the same routine every YEAR! On instruction, my sister would buy the Valentine’s Day card and order a bouquet of flowers. Unless of course he forgot, this would then give us the golden opportunity to milk it for all its worth!

If he’d planned dinner, we would typically accompany the special couple. Babysitters were never an option as my mum would never leave us at home!

So what’s changed in 2017?

My parents now go on several romantic meals!

Yes, they now sit on the same sofa and holding hands is no longer a taboo.

I gifted my wife a large red card and a bouquet, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little story – please feel free to share and comment on how your parents celebrated Valentine’s Day!


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