One week before my engagement I received the wrong dress! Planning my big fat Asian wedding….

One week before my engagement I received the wrong dress! Planning my big fat Asian wedding….

February 18, 2017 Asian Wedding Blog,Most popular

Planning for the biggest day of your life is the most exciting time ever. I planned my Asian wedding as a final year medical student and it really was a challenge, but one with an amazing outcome!

Here’s how it all began…

So the families had met and the rishta had been made “pakha” (confirmed). My family is from Scotland and theirs from Manchester. My fiancé and I both agreed on a small intimate ring exchange at home with our immediate family being present. Our folks had other ideas!

A lavish engagement party in Manchester, with 4 weeks to prepare! My initial reaction of course being a girl was…. what am I going to wear????? How will I find an outfit at such short notice and who will do my make up! Now I know it is common in the Asian culture to do things last minute, even weddings! But panic mode set in immediately. In hindsight the day was really fun, the time leading up to the engagement was stressful to say the least.

In Scotland there is not much choice when it comes to buying Asian clothes. The bridal brigade (Mum, Sisters and I) went into Glasgow on the hunt for an engagement outfit. I was ever so lucky, as I fell in love with the first dress I saw. Although the dress was fine, I wanted a few adjustments making, the tailor recommended that it would be easier to have a brand new dress sewn in India and it would be back in 3 weeks. Perfect, right?

In the meantime I found myself a makeup artist through friends and I eagerly awaited the arrival of my dress. Luckily my in laws had sorted all other arrangements for the party……..phew!

3 weeks later we went to collect my dress, very excited to see the changes I sat down and the lady laid the dress in front of me……. my heart sank! They had done it completely wrong! They made random changes to the style, fit and embroidery of the dress, it honestly looked like a completely different outfit! I was distraught, in true bride fashion I was assured my day was ruined! Being Glaswegian I’m always full of things to say, this was different, I stayed quiet and I think the lady knew that she’d really screwed up. It was at this point she began to describe the changes I wanted, “Here, look at this beautiful embroidery you wanted…” It was at this point that my mum started in the only way Asian mothers do! Thankfully, my sisters calmed my mum and we began working on how to rectify the issue…

It was at this stage I text my fiancé;

“Our engagement is ruined”

I had read and heard so many stories about dresses going wrong and I’d always think do the brides just go over the top? Was I now going to be one of these brides? It’s at this stage that the shop owner contacted a local tailor who agreed to fix the initial dress and make some minor fitting adjustments to the way I wanted it. The dress was perfect….near perfect.

The engagement party was a great laugh, I never realised how much my fiancés family loved to dance, my mother and father in law both hit the dancefloor and the bhangra kept flowing. My fiancé also sang…. “Suraj hua madham” K3G reference of course!  It was only after the event I realised my fiancé had spent the whole night watching an Amir Khan fight… This was an early indication that getting between his sports and friends was going to be a tough ask.

The Engagement party was over and next was our big day! (2 big days!) With my exams looming….I had 6 months to sort everything…..I needed help!

It would be really great if you could comment with how you’d react in this situation. I’ll be posting part 2 very soon, with more on how I planned my big fat Asian wedding in 6 months…. It was really really EASY…. NOT!!

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