An expert guide to viewing Asian wedding venues

Asian wedding venues - viewing guide

An expert guide to viewing Asian wedding venues

If you’ve made it to this blog then you’re almost ready to view your favourite Asian wedding venues! Exciting times indeed… Viewing Asian wedding venues are extremely fun, the wedding coordinators are lovely, enthusiastic and unlike car salesmen they’re not trying to shove a car down your throat!

If you’re not quite ready to view and you’re narrowing your options then please read our pre-viewing checklist here.

“There’s an Asian wedding venue for everyone!”

You just have to find it… It’s a little more complicated, but after helping our favourite couples we’ve narrowed down a very brief list of questions and tips that you could use to ensure that you’re ready to choose the right Asian wedding venue for you and your fiance.

Here we go!

Where will your guests enter the wedding venue?

Where will the bride/bridegroom or couple make their entrance?

Discuss your ideal setup for the day and see how they can accommodate.

  • I’d like a civil in the morning for 60 guests (close family and friends)

  • I’d like the hindu ceremony to begin at midday for 300 guests

  • Followed by a buffet lunch

  • Followed by an evening reception for 260 guests

A good wedding coordinator will ensure to explain how the turnaround may occur, different rooms to be utilised, timings for suppliers and any accommodating factors for the break.

Is there space for a drinks reception to take place?

What is the proposed setup of the room – where will the stage, dancefloor and DJ go?

Are there facilities for the caterers – what are they?

What is the parking situation like – if paid, are there any prepaid discounts?

Are there any supplier restrictions – confetti, fireworks etc…

Knowing it’s an Asian wedding – often unexpected guests can appear – if you know this is going to be likely, ensure that your list of Asian wedding venues can accommodate excess spills.

Are there any areas where the couple can have intimate photos?

Are there any preparation rooms? Is there a dedicated set-up room for the couple?

Is there a dedicated prayer space for guests?

What is the proposed payment structure and payment plan?

We have guests travelling in from ….. are accommodation discounts available?

How do I know if it’s the right Asian wedding venue for me?

As cliche as it may sound – when you know …. you just know!

But really, it’s about the feeling you receive when you view your dream Asian wedding venue. I always recommend that you should treat the viewing as if it is your big day – now this is difficult when there’s no decor and it’s pretty much a blank canvas – but the question to ask yourself is…

Can I picture myself here as a bride or groom?

If the answer is no – then let it go, and if the answers yes then take it forward.

Introducing the parents…

asian wedding venues (bride and parents)

Image courtesy of @theweddingsalad – check out their instagram page for epic photography!

Now you may have thought that the only nerve-racking introduction you were set to make was the introduction of your other half…. BUT NO! If you’ve not taken your parents with you then it’s likely that some Asian parents will want to see the venue themselves for their seal of approval.

Not to worry… of all the wedding coordinators that we’ve spoken with they’re often very well aware on how to show a venue to an Asian father – the emphasis being on practicality rather than on the dream wedding. LOL!!

This reminds me of one of the very first viewings I organised, it was a beautiful manor house that could cater for 250 guests located in the beautiful countryside. The Asian wedding venue was approximately 1 hr 30 mins away from their house, the father had raised concerns from the off set that it was too far, however if they could reach the venue within the 1 hr 30 min timeframe – he’d consider it.

They had left the house and 1 hr 42 mins later they had reached the beautiful wedding venue. The whole journey from the house to the venue was a running commentary on time – 20 mins, 30 mins, 45 mins, 52 mins and 30 miles to go….

The couple loved the wedding venue, however this particular couple wanted the parents to be 100% behind the chosen wedding venue and therefore never went ahead with the booking.

Now having parents on side isn’t always necessary but this particular story reminds me of how finding an Asian wedding venue can sometimes become a family affair.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and that our questions will help you discover your dream Asian wedding venue. If you’re yet to find your dream Asian wedding venue then please get in touch with one of our experts who’d be very happy to assist you in finding an undiscovered gem!

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