Narrowing down my list of Asian wedding venues!

Asian wedding venues checklist

Narrowing down my list of Asian wedding venues!

Details, details, details…

Once you’ve narrowed your favourite Asian wedding venues into a list, it’s almost natural to obsess over details. There will be 1000’s of questions circulating through your mind and it’s more than likely that you’ll forget to ask something, or like most couple 6 weeks down the line they’ll be more questions to ask.

At Perfect Planner we work with Asian wedding venues closely to ensure we have all the answers to the key questions.

Having spoken to 1000’s of brides and grooms across the UK we have collected our most commonly asked questions into a quick reference guide for you.

We’ll introduce the must have questions into a pre-viewing and viewing list. Pre-viewing is the best screening tool you can use, it helps you avoid any unsuitable Asian wedding venues from the very beginning.

Pre-visit checklist – helping you find the best Asian wedding venues!



Capacity is key, if you’re looking to host an Asian wedding, knowing the Asian wedding venues capacity is important. Wedding directories and wedding websites do not quote their “ASIAN WEDDING CAPACITY”….


Let me explain… Wedding venues often quote the following;

  1. Maximum capacity – This is the maximum number of guests they can stand in a room … AKA reception capacity.

  2. Dinner and Dance capacity – This is the capacity for a seated dinner and dance only.

  3. Ceremony capacity – This is the capacity for a civil set up only.

We determine the following as our Asian wedding capacity;

  1. Dinner and Dance (no stage) – this is a D+D set up with a top table, DJ area and cake area.

  2. Dinner and Dance (stage) – this the same as above but with a stage for the bride and groom – a typical walima setup for muslim couples.

  3. Dinner only – this is round table set up with space for an aisle and stage.

  4. Ceremony set up – this is the capacity for a hindu ceremony – this should accommodate for a good sized aisle and stage.


The issue surrounding availability depends on your flexibility. If you’re flexible with a good planning period then this is unlikely to be an issue.

However! If you’re planning an Asian wedding with less than 12 months to go ensure that your potential Asian wedding venues are available for your desired months/seasons. You may think that I’m over exaggerating but there are a number of Asian wedding venues that are almost fully booked for the next summer season!

Secondly, if you have a set date in mind then it’s always best to speak to the venue about this date; i.e. you have a certain temple booking, auspicious dates or that your auntie Dimple is flying in from India!


The hidden secret behind all Asian weddings! Pricing is really interesting, giving pricing trends, hints and tips is almost impossible in such a small space, but don’t worry – we will soon be releasing epic content on pricing trends, how to save money and how not to get ripped off!

For the time being I’m going to let you into a secret about Asian wedding venues. If you’re looking at Asian wedding venues that are NOT banqueting suites… the likelihood is that these venues cater for asian and non-asian weddings. Asian weddings are lavish and as a couple we feel that we are set to invest a huge amount of money into our wedding – when you look at the proportion of your money spent there is a split between the wedding venue, catering company, decorators and various other suppliers.

Asian wedding venues checklist

Why are Asian wedding venues so expensive?!

Non-asian weddings are typically managed in house by the venue, this means that the venues benefit from venue hire, catering costs, decorating, room hires and alcohol purchasing – the profits are typically higher. Venues love to host Asian weddings, but in order to financially benefit the dry hire price is typically higher!

Could we use pricing as a pre-visit checklist…?

Open, honest and transparent! At Perfect Planner we’re extremely open about venue budgets, we are honest about how much venues charge and we don’t hide any fees!


Why is this so important?

I’m pretty sure that like most of our couples, you’re extremely busy and pushed for time, unlike before Asian wedding venues are now extremely transparent about how much they charge and you should really consider this when searching for the Asian wedding venues you’d like to view. We all have an unwritten budget in our mind, if you find that a venue is massively out of budget it may be worth excluding it from your list.

Don’t get me wrong we’ve seen it time and time again when couples will book Asian wedding venues for £5,000 more than what they anticipated, but emotions drive decisions in the wedding industry and we’re happy with that. However, we’ve also seen lot’s of couples view a £15,000 venue, then haggled with the venue to bring it down to £8,000 and it’s never worked. Negotiations do work! But time is money, so saving yourself viewing time and the saving the venue showing time is both efficient and courteous.



Asian wedding venues checklist

Self catering – this is fairly straight-forward!

“Are you happy for me to use an Asian external caterer?”

Yes – happy days, now question 2… Which caterers can I use.

Welcome to the approved list – it’s worth eyeballing this list especially if you’re set on using a particular caterer. Although Asian wedding venues can make exceptions – the venues have often invested a serious amount of time in approving their caterers and often it comes down to whether the caterer adequately reflects the venues brand.

High-end venue is likely to mean high-end caterers.

Mandap provision *hindu ceremonies only

This last point is for couples who’d like to host their hindu ceremony at the Asian wedding venue of choice. There are a significant number of Asian wedding venues across the UK that are happy to host hindu ceremonies.

There are also venues that are unwilling due to their insurance policies, fire provisions and listed building restrictions. It’s well worth clarifying the venues take on mandaps – some venues will offer alternatives which may or may not be suitable for you and your family.

Some of the alternatives on offer include;

  • Using an artificial fire

  • Using a small number of candles

  • Use of a small fire under direct supervision from a chosen fire marshall

Having used this guide on a number of occasions we are always able to identify the best Asian wedding venues for our couples. Once you have your preliminary viewing list we will introduce our wedding viewing checklist very soon!

If you’d like our help in finding you a list of suitable Asian wedding venues that are all vetted by our expert wedding planners then feel free to make a quick enquiry here.

Until next time….

Lot’s of love,

Team PP x

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